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Is it a crime in Massachusetts to drink and drive?
The short answer is “not necessarily.” However, you will save a lot of money, time, and aggravation if you simply don’t do it. If you have had a few alcoholic drinks, it is always more prudent to find a designated driver or call a taxi to take you home.
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If I am stopped by the police for an OUI what should I do?
First and foremost, you should always remain polite and courteous with the police officer who stopped your vehicle. If you become belligerent or rude, the officer will almost always note it in his/her report and will try to attribute your confrontational behavior to your supposed intoxication.
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If I am charged with an OUI, what are the potential penalties I am facing?
In Massachusetts, even a first OUI (DUI/DWI) offense can potentially carry with it a number of harsh and outright devastating penalties which could include a license suspension, large mandatory fines, increased insurance costs and, possibly, jail time.
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Attorney Mikhlin is an experienced Massachusetts OUI DUI lawyer. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout the courts of the Commonwealth.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts aggressively prosecutes driving under the influence charges. The potential penalties for a conviction for an Operating under the Influence of Liquor charge can be outright devastating. A DUI conviction will most likely carry with it significant fines, court fees, loss of driver’s license, and even jail time. For instance, the penalties can range from up to 2 ½ years in a house of correction and $5,000.00 fine for the first offense OUI, to up to 5 years in a state prison and $15,000.00 fine for a third OUI conviction. Your license can be suspended for up to 1 year following a conviction for the first offense and up to 8 years for a third OUI conviction. In addition to the social stigma associated with a criminal conviction, an OUI conviction can result in a number of collateral consequences such as: higher insurance costs, a person’s ability to find and keep employment, as well as potential immigration implications for people, who are not U.S. citizens. If you have been charged with a Drunk Driving offense, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts OUI lawyer.

When you choose the Law Office of Sergey Mikhlin, you can expect attorney Mikhlin to personally handle your case from intake through trial, if necessary. He will provide an immediate strategic evaluation of your case and devise the most appropriate plan of defense. An effective defense strategy may include challenging the initial stop of your vehicle by the police, putting into question the administration and results of field sobriety, breathalyzer, blood, or urine tests, and reviewing the actions by the police prior to placing you into custody, as well as during the actual arrest and subsequent booking. DUI attorney Sergey Mikhlin will apply his years of trial experience to protect your rights, your criminal record, and your driving privileges.

Was charged with OUI, reckless driving and possession with intent to distribute. Once I met Sergey, I knew he was the guy to handle my case. Talking with other people, my best case scenario was taking some sort of plea deal. Earlier today I was found not guilty of all 3 charges, thanks to the professionalism of Mr. Mikhlin.
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