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Brockton Criminal Defense
May 2018
Criminal Defense Cases Our Client, a 72 y.o. school bus driver, was accused of exposing himself to a student-passenger while in the school van. As a result of these accusations, the Client was fired from his job and he was subjected to a number of debilitating pre-trial conditions which, among other things, prohibited him from seeing his grandchildren without third-party supervision. Sex crime defense lawyer Sergey Mikhlin devised a litigation strategy that turned out to be very successful. First, attorney Mikhlin, by way of a motion to dismiss, was able to reduce the felony charge of Open and Gross Lewdness (maximum penalty of up to 3 years in state prison) to a misdemeanor of Indecent Exposure, carrying the maximum penalty of up to 6 months in jail. Then, using the services of a private investigator, attorney Mikhlin was able to locate and get statements from witnesses who completely controverted the complainant’s account of what happened. Armed with this information, the defense aggressively pushed this case to trial. On the morning of the scheduled trial, after Mr. Mikhlin and his client answered “ready for trial”, the prosecutor informed the court that the Commonwealth was unable to proceed to trial due to the complainant’s complete recantation of his previous statement of events. Said recantation was “miraculously” provided to the prosecution 5 minutes before the trial was scheduled to start. Brockton criminal defense attorney Sergey Mikhlin asked the court for a dismissal and the court immediately DISMISSED the charges against our Client.
Plymouth Drunk Driving
April 2018
Our Client, a young man with no criminal record, while operating his car, was stopped by an East Bridgewater police officer on a suspicion of Operating a Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor. The officer made observations of our Client’s speeding and crossing the center line. Upon stopping our Client’s vehicle, the officer noted that there was an overwhelming odor of marijuana emanating from the car and that our Client exhibited “glassy” eyes, had “slurred speech” and, in response to the officer’s question: “What did you have to drink?” he responded by stating “3 tall ones.” He was asked and agreed to perform 4 field sobriety exercises, including the “alphabet” test, the “counting backwards” test, the “9 step walk-and-turn” test, a the “one-legged stand” test, with mixed results. Subsequently, at the police station, our Client also admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the evening. His blood alcohol content reading on the Breathalyzer registered at 0.19. At trial, through cross-examination of the arresting officer, attorney Mikhlin was able to cast enough doubt in the mind of the trial judge, resulting in verdict of NOT GUILTY on both counts, OUI and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. The client’s driver’s license was restored shortly thereafter.
April 2018
Upon execution of a search warrant, the police found our client, a Brockton resident, in the bedroom in which they also found some quantities of Xanax and a box of .22 caliber ammunition. Attorney Mikhlin successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss in which he was able to convince the judge that the prosecution failed to sufficiently establish the elements of “possession” (as to all items) and his “intent to distribute” (as to the found drugs). As a result, all charges against the defendant were DISMISSED
Worcester Drunk Driving
March 2018
Our Client, a 22 y.o. resident of Abington, was involved in a single motor vehicle accident after striking a utility pole. Upon their arrival at the scene, the police found our client who appeared to be “confused and had difficulty answering the officer’s questions” next to his damaged vehicle. Our client admitted to having operated that vehicle. The police also noted that our client had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath; that his eyes were “bloodshot” and “glassy”; and that he appeared to be “unsteady on his feet.” The booking officer also found a receipt from a local bar with our client’s name on it, which was generated less than 2 hours prior to the crash. Finally, the police located in the backseat of the vehicle a bag containing a controlled substance, as well as some drug paraphernalia. At a bench trial, attorney Mikhlin skillfully highlighted for the court all the inconsistencies in the testimony of the police officers. He was also able to emphasize to the court that it could have easily been the defendant’s history of epileptic seizures, rather than his alleged alcohol consumption, that caused the accident. Finally, the deficiencies in how the police inventoried the defendant’s vehicle caused the judge to DISMISS the possession of drugs count. After a bench trial, the client was found NOT GUILTY on all counts.
March 2018
Our Client, a student at Bridgewater State University, was accused of sending, what the prosecution classified as, “harassing” e-mails to his college professor. At the hearing on the defense motion to dismiss, attorney Mikhlin convincingly argued that the student’s conduct represented constitutionally protected speech and that he could not be prosecuted for exercising his constitutional rights, prompting the judge to DISMISS the charges of witness intimidation and accosting another person. The remaining charge of criminal harassment was subsequently DISMISSED by the prosecution prior to trial.
May 2017
This case was prosecuted out of Worcester District Court and resulted from a special sting operation conducted by the detectives assigned to the Central Massachusetts Regional Task Force and the Massachusetts State Police High Risk Victim Unit. The focus of the operation was to target individuals who were seeking to exchange money for sex.
Our Client, a non-citizen student, was alleged to have responded to an on-line advertisement placed on by an undercover State Trooper posing as a prostitute. During their internet exchange, our client allegedly made arrangements with the undercover officer to meet at an Auburn hotel to exchange money for sex. He was directed to a specific hotel room, where he was eventually apprehended by the officers. He was charged with Engaging in Sexual Conduct for a Fee in violation of G. L. c. 272, § 53A(b) , carrying a potential sentence of two and a half years in the house of corrections.
Attorney Mikhlin was able to secure a three-month pre-trial probation for his client. At the end of the three-month period, the case was DISMISSED and the client was able to avoid any potentially devastating immigration consequences.
Note: In April of 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice together with some other federal and state agencies seized Backpage, a website that was often affiliated with sex trafficking and prostitution. The Justice Department also indicted several individuals associated with the website, including its co-founders, on the charges which included money laundering and conspiracy to promote prostitution.
November 2017
Our Client, a newspaper delivery man, was charged with sexually assaulting a customer. At a jury trial, attorney Mikhlin successfully challenged the credibility of the complaining witness, as well as the deficiencies in the police investigation of this case. The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

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